issue 15
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Dharma Life Magazine - Buddhism for Today

Dharma Life is a print magazine devoted to the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world. It is published three times a year. This online edition gives a selection of the articles available in the printed version. more
The Bodhisattva vow to save all beings expresses the willingness to put no limits on what one is prepared to give. This issue explores the challenge for those who want to help others as part of their spiritual path.
Advocate of Engaged Buddhism, Ken Jones, believes we need both personal and social transformation to address the critical problems of the modern world
Examining traditions of giving in Buddhism, Priyananda finds that charity begins in our heart and it is intrinsic to the path of freedom
Based on shared values of compassion and truth, the bond between Matthew Webb and Tejadhamma transcends continents and contrasting lifestyles
As a hospice volunteer Paramananda gave himself to caring for the dying. When he left he was no wiser about death, but was more aware of life.
What makes a prisoner? Sarvananda, a Buddhist prison chaplain, has an inside view of life in jail; and he reflects that we are all prisoners of our mental states

Book Reviews
Jan Willis, Professor of Religion at Wesleyan University is the first African-American scholar of Tibetan Buddhism. She spoke to Suryagupta about her new autobiography.
Author: Peter Harvey
Reviewed by Sagaramati
Author: David Mitchell
Reviewed by Vishvapani
Selected Poems of Chai Tao
Translator: Mike O'Connor
Reviewed by Henry Shukman
Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism
Editors: Steven Heine and Dale Wright
Reviewed by Martine Batchelor
Western Transformations of Buddhist Thought
Author: JJ Clarke
A Practice Guide to the Path of Purification
Author: Matthew Flickstein
Edited by Frank Richards and Jason Carbine