issue 25 Winter/Spring 05
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Dharma Life Magazine - Buddhism for Today

Dharma Life is a print magazine devoted to the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world. It is published three times a year. This online edition gives a selection of the articles available in the printed version. more
Buddhism teaches that we find freedom when we stop trying to grasp the objects of desire and turn towards the source of desire, the mind. Read on if you want to find ways of living mindfully and working with craving.
Joanna Macy, Dharma teacher, activist, author and grandmother talks to Parami about global greed and possibilities for change.
How do we handle those burning yearnings? Nagabodhi reflects on the highs and lows of craving in contemporary society.
Consumer values influence us even while we're on a spiritual path, says Thubten Chodron. Do teachers need to be entertaining to attract students?
Mahaprabha is a committed Buddhist teaching business people to succeed in the cut-and-thrust corporate arena, bringing pattern and meaning to the mess of the world.
Sexual craving once dominated Mahananda's mind. Now he lives a much freer life.
For years Taravandana knew there must be more to life than shopping. Now she has moved away from compulsion on to a path of beauty.

A Meditation on Good and Evil
Author: Stephen Batchelor
New Voices in Western Buddhism
Editor: Hilda Gutierrez-Baldoquin
A Soldier's Journey from War to Peace
Author: Claude Anshin Thomas
Looking Directly at the Mind
Author: Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
An Epic Story of Tibet
Author: Xinran
Three Collections of Mystic Verse from Buddhist India
Translator Roger R Jackson
The Spiritual Adventures of my Generation
Author Wes 'Scoop' Nisker
The Buddha's Teaching on Metta
Cultivating your Artistic Life
Author:John Daido Loori