issue 26 Winter/Spring 05
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Like electricity, energy is something we take for granted until we run out of it. But where does it come from? How can we harness it? What's the connection between energy of body and that of the mind? ... and goodbye from the editors
Tibetan Buddhist scholar and meditation teacher Reginald Ray discusses the dangers of meditating on the subtle energies of the body focused in the chakras.
Sangharakshita, founder of the Western Buddhist Order, talks about his current life, his vision and his legacy.
Nagabodhi draws out the many dimensions of Sangharashita and muses on his relationship to his teacher over 35 years.
Zen teacher Katherine Thanas highlights the power of awareness to release deeper energies.
Viryadevi encounters the huge, fierce figure of Vajrapani, surrounded by flames, an embodiment of Enlightened Energy.
After a succesful career in the British Army Andy Power redeploys his energies in favour of the Dharma.
Inspired by Taiwan's Cloud Gate Company, Lalitaraja pursues the blending of dance and meditative awareness.

The Erotic Verse of the Sixth Dalai Lama
Author: Paul Williams
Buddhist themes in Modern Fantasy
David R Loy and Linda Goodhew
Buddhist teachings on Abstaining from Meat
Author: Shabkar
Trans. Padmakara Translation Group
Reflections on Palliative Care
Author: Christopher Johns
Reconciling Eastern Ideals and Western Psychology
Author: Harvey B.Aronson, PhD
The Struggle for Enlightenment in the Himalayas
Author:Kim Gutschow
The Buddha in the World
Author Pankaj Mishra
The Life Story of Vairochana the Translator
Compiler:Yudra Nyingpo,
Translator: Ani Jinba Palmo